File:Stages of Fish.png
Fish (Unnamed)
Type: Fan-Made Avatar
Introduced in: 2015
Requirement: Ranges from stage

Fish is a group of Unnamed Fan-Made avatars on Khan Academy

Ketaru, a user on Khan Academy, made the avatar. It was unknown if the avatar was to be 5 stages, or a standalone avatar. However the code says:


Since Ketaru is inactive on Khan academy there was seemingly no progression of the avatar stages. But Duskpin Ultimate Another user on Khan Academy, decided it was time to move on with the project and designed the Seed and Seedling and is planning on designing the Sapling and Tree. And at some point is planning on holding a naming contest.

There are 5 stages of this avatar's life:

Stage 1: Fish (Seed)

File:Seed Fish.png
  • Created by: Duskpin Ultimate
  • This stage of Fish's life is one of the most basic avatars on Khan Academy. It is usable when users first join, so they don't need any energy points for it.
  • It's a round, orange seed with eyes. It looks like a orange rain drop.

Stage 2: Fish (Seedling)

File:Seedling Fish.png
  • Created by: Duskpin Ultimate
  • It looks like the first version, just with a leaf on its head and legs beginning to sprout extra.

Stage 3: Fish (Sapling)

File:Fish Sapling.png
  • Created by: NONE

Stage 4: Fish (Tree)

File:Fish Tree.png
  • Created by: NONE

Stage 5: Fish (Ultimate)

File:Ultimate Fish.png
  • Created by: Ketaru
  • It's orange with it's tail up it has two fins for arms and one on it's head.

Enthusiastic Users

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