File:Frostbyte Avatar Stages.png
Type: Fan-Made Avatar
Introduced in: 2015
Requirement: Ranges from stage

Frostbyte is a group of fan-Made avatars on Khan Academy

Ketaru, a user at Khan Academy, made all of the avatar stages for Frostbyte, except the Tree which was designed by Xavior McKinney Another user on Khan Academy. It was named by FlipFlop. It is unclear how user would earn the avatar if it were released, however it is expected that they would start with the Seed.

There are 5 stages of this avatar's life:

Stage 1: Frostbyte (Seed)

  • Created by: Ketaru
  • This stage of Frostbyte's life is one of the most basic avatars on Khan Academy. It is usable when users first join, so they don't need any energy points for it.
  • It's a round, white seed with eyes. It looks like a white rain drop.

Stage 2: Frostbyte (Seedling)

  • Created by: Ketaru
  • It looks like the first version, just with a leaf on its head and legs beginning to sprout extra.

Stage 3: Frostbyte (Sapling)

  • Created by: Ketaru
  • It looks like a white baby pegasus with a horn on its head with a little tail and little legs along with little ears.

Stage 4: Frostbyte (Tree)

  • Created by: Xavior McKinney
  • It looks like a white young pegasus with a white body and a tail With a horn on it's head.

Stage 5: Frostbyte (Ultimate)

  • Created by: Ketaru
  • It looks like a white, fully grown pegasus, with fully grown wings along with hoofs and ears.

Enthusiastic Users

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