The Assorted Hax are energy point hacks that are known to exist/used by some members of the wikia.


Sun101 type hacks hack the Sun101 exercise

Clouds Up Close

This hack does the same thing as Sun101


This hack does the same thing as Clouds Up Close

Technology and Discovery

This hack does the same thing as Spaceweather

Sun 102

Sun102 type hacks hack everything

The one about the monster that is supposed to kill the world that can get you helbanned (wait a second... that's Sun 102)


The *click* *click* hack (also Sun 102)

Q____ & P__________

The hack where you answer questions honestly (yet again Sun 102)

See Sun 102


This hack hacks everything

Fun Hacks!

The secret calculator hack

  • No-one knows... except RK... For now...
  • and the guys at zendesk who totally ignore 99.99999% of tickets

Jonitron lik rep0rts all oor hax but he modif1es dem so he haznt got baj yet


Blaze's Video Hack

This hack does repeat videos. Actually RK made the original. <- true, but I do have hacks of my own.

The one that is several steps

  • Doing your homework
  • Going to College
  • Getting married
  • Having a few kids
  • Moving to Tallahassee FL
  • Retiring
  • and Dying

Showcase Hack

This hack does give you no energy points

Making a whole bunch of really bad programs and making 50 spinoffs of it.

This hack does get you hell banned within a couple hours

Hacks that probably aren't real

Speed Badges

This hack does nothing

The one that only Shia LaBeouf knows.

You have to JUST DO IT

Using your poetry to overthrow the government

This hack can only be achieved by Herminia

Making it so you get 100,000 per problem only one person knows.

This hack does not exist. The user MicahAmiot 27 just said that for fun! :P

Wiki Hax

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